Sunday, May 17, 2009

cant wait.

im so happy.
and I can't wait to see Kristin. It sucks being away from her. I just want her to be right here with me.
im going back to la next wknd. I cant wait. cant wait. cant wait. cant wait. I need to be around her....

Friday, May 15, 2009

im still awake.

I know, I haven't updated this in forever. Blah blah blah. I'm back now. Although I'm not sure if I should be writing right now. Ideally I would be asleep. I know this isn't exactly late by my old normal standards, but things change and life is now already on the boring track. I get up at 7:30, go to work from 8-2. I come home and eat a sandwich, or maybe a corn dog. I'll lay out for a bit, so I can at least somewhat pretend I was blessed with some of the poly skin I should have, but dont. I then go to work part deux. Blah. Then I come home and practice. I really shouldn't complain. That's actually a really good day. I enjoy working at Schooltipline and doing their PR. I now have 2 interns I hired on and I have a little list of things for them to do and I'll get my third intern here in June. Nice. It's only a matter of time before that company takes off big. Hopefully sooner rather than later, things are tight financially, and it would be nice to have one full time job as opposed to several jobs. Working at SecurityOne is ok. The job itself, super boring. SUPER boring. But I know almost everybody who works there so the environment is fun at least and it's not like the job is hard....just boring. And then to end my day with practice is always a pleasure. I'm back to feeling really good about my progression with practicing. Nate has come down a couple times lately and I've picked up some really good stuff from him. Dang, dancing brings me so much joy. I get to forget about anything and everything else going on in life and just listen to the music and practice till I can't move anymore. Part of me worries whats going to happen to me over the next few years.... I'm not sure what I'm going to do if this outlet ever starts to go away.... I don't forsee that being a pleasant experience. But whatever, I suppose you're supposed to grow up and be mature and whatever at some point. Although I don't really see the bearing breakdancing has on my maturity.
I wish I was asleep right now. It'd be so nice. But I can't for the life of me get to sleep. My mind is kinda running away with all kinds of thoughts. I thought I would be ok, but nope. Totally not. And I'm not sure what to do, which has led me to writing here.... something I havent done in forever now. Dang, I have nothing good I want to say right now, and according to Bambis friend if you have nothing good to say you better not say anything at all... whoa, a motto to live by? Should I just keep things in when they suck. Eh. Probably. oh well. I'll stop for now.