Thursday, April 8, 2010


I did it.

I have changed teams.

I am now a Wordpress user.

I switched because I heard some great things about the customization opportunities available from Wordpress. I am still tinkering with it, but it definitely seems like the best option for what I'd like to do!

I switched a little while ago, which explains why you haven't seen anything on here. So, here's the link to the new blog I'll be using! Enjoy!

And if you're looking for that daily scripture blog I switched that one as well and it's here:

Monday, March 15, 2010

scripture bracket 2010

Ok -- so this post comes from my other blog Justified By the Scriptures -- but I loved it so much I'm throwing it on here! Haha

The top 3 events each year:

4th of July (and all of the summer vacation)
March Madness

I love March Madness!

The brackets were announced yesterday. I have goosebumps!

March Madness = Gambling

Straight bets, Parlays and Teasers! Oh the excitement!

Last year I tried to not make any plays -- it didn't work.

It won't happen this year for several reasons:
I promised Leah I wouldn't : )
The Church says we shouldn't gamble
I'm completely broke -- actually broker than broke is more accurate.

Despite the lack of gambling excitement this year I found something else to add a new element to things.

Last year Colin Cowherd of "The Herd" on ESPN added a twist to March Madness -- he set up a bracket that involved cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios defeated Frosted Flakes in the finals!

This year he has proposed superhero/villain bracket.

It's a great addition to the excitement of the standard March Madness!

As I listened to Cowherd talk about his superhero/villain bracket my mind immediately thought of the scriptures and a potential scripture bracket!!!

I decided to stick with this years CES book of scripture: Book of Mormon

Let's take a look at the field of 32 in this years bracket:

*Let's not forget that I have no job, no life and my girlfriend lives 2000 miles away -- time is plentiful.

I have set up two regions; the righteous and the wicked.

At the end of the first round of the real tournament I will post the results from my first round of the Book of Mormon Madness bracket!

Let me know who you think should make it through the first round!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

something new.

Ok - so I started another blog earlier this week. In our church institute class we were challenged to read the Book of Mormon during the month of March. It has been an incredible experience so far. One more experience I've had while here in Virginia that has helped me move in the right direction. Teaching my Gospel Principles class and seminary has brought back this fire for studying the Gospel. I decided to take things a step further. In order to keep the fire going I challenged myself to look every day for a connection to the events and musings in my life to the scriptures.

Check it out:


My brother recently posted a video that was done by a variety of musicians to help out with the recovery in Haiti. I enjoyed the video so much I'm reposting it. And of course because I'm never able to just sit and watch one video on YouTube I watched some others that were similar and I'm going to post those here as well!

It's easy to get caught up in all the things celebrities do wrong-- in fact that's usually what the media likes to focus on. It tends to draw bigger viewership. But they're pretty much like the rest of us-- they've got some great qualities and of course some personal struggles.

Here's some of them caught in one of those wonderful moments of good.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So it's been awhile since I last wrote so here's what you missed:

Submitted BYU graduate school application
GRE done. Recommendations written. Application turned in. I'm not sure how long I'll be waiting. My buddy said he heard back within a month--that would be nice. I am putting all my eggs in this basket. I really want to get my Master's.

Survived Snowmageddon 2010
I never saw snow like this in Utah Valley. We had no church for 2 straight weeks. School shut down for almost 2 weeks. I spent more time shoveling than ever before. We lost power for a bit and didn't leave the house for days. I have renewed my personal vow to live somewhere warm.

Battled @ Unbreakable 3
This jam was so dope. Some big name bboys showed up. Nasty Ray was a judge and the Squadron came out to battle. The Squadron killed it. I didn't make it past the prelims. Weak. I was quickly reminded why you have to practice hard every day. I know part of the reason I moved out here was to help turn this into more of a hobby but I really want to practice hard again.

Attended 1st YSA dance in VA
We drove an hour into Maryland and arrived half an hour late to see this :
About 20 people
A cd player dj turned up to the max and super scratchy
Weak food
Overall I'd say it was a wonderful event

Began subbing for Frederick County Public Schools
Great way to make some money. Just kickin' it with some kids. Typically I just hand out worksheets and talk with the students. Easiest money I've ever made.

Leah came to visit me
What an amazing weekend. She is my best friend/girlfriend! We talk on the phone all the time--but seeing her is the BEST! I love her so much. We know each other so well and every time I am with her everything feels right.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


GRE - a.k.a. Graduate Record Examination.

This is the ultimate test. Apparently it's meant to be something akin to the SAT or ACT on steroids.

This is the test you take once you've already finished with college so you can show a group of strangers (Admissions Committee) that you are worthy of attending more school.

I'm scheduled to square off with this beast on February 12 and it will probably be the single most important test of - MY LIFE. (no pressure)

Now, technically the test isn't the only thing the committee looks at. I've got a couple other ways to distinguish myself:

GRE scores
3 Letters of Recommendation
College GPA
Letter of intent

It doesn't look so bad at first glance. The GRE is only 1/4 of the items the committee will get to peruse. However, I should probably interject a quick story:

I went to visit the head of the graduate department for the BYU Communications program last Summer. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: "So, I'm a little concerned my GPA might be a little low. How important is it?"
Dept. Head: "Well what's your GPA?"
Me: "2.9"
Dept. Head: (face of concern) "uumm, wow. Well it's not impossible to overcome that - but you will have to score really well on the GRE."

Ok, before anyone decides to comment on the 2.9, let me just say something in my defense. The GPA only takes into account the last 60 hours of courses. And I don't think taking Mandarin 101 was my best idea. When you fail a 4 credit class it seems to have a bigger effect than you first think. And as for some of my other classes; well let's just say I didn't think some of them were very important at the time and I was probably practicing flares, windmills and reverse handspins when I could have been studying. (It's too bad that I can't battle my way into the program. I'd smoke all those fools - no, but seriously)

Back to the GRE - Well, I've never been much of a test taker. My college years will attest to that and should further evidence be needed, my 2 practice tests will lay to rest any doubt. In fact somehow I managed to score better on the math section than the verbal section. Good grief. I'm not even sure how that is possible.

The next 3 weeks are going to be intense.

But I'm hopeful. I feel like I can pull this off. I'm going to score "well" (and by well I mean at least equal to or greater than the 2009 average score for students accepted into the program) I'll get my application looking sharp and turned in on time.

AND - by nothing short of a miracle (and we're talking the grand spectacle type - like Moses parting the Red Sea, or Elijah calling down fire from heaven) I WILL get into the BYU Communications Graduate Program for the Fall 2010 Semester!

Besides -the testing center I'm supposed to take the test at is located on TIMBERLAKE lane.

Coincidence? I think not.
Good omen? I think SO!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tribute to suits.

I am a little obsessed with the show 'How I Met Your Mother'.

In the event that you're as old or older than I am you will totally recognize one of the main characters, Barney Stinson, as the former teen doctor - Doogie Howser.

Barney has now spent 5 seasons extolling the qualities of the suit and I'm a believer.

Anyone who says "image isn't everything--- people should look for what's on the inside" is an IDIOT.

Think about why you dress up for a job interview. Before that potential employer knows anything about you - they see you. Think about what you are telling them before you even open your mouth.

It's unfortunate but many times the only reason people take the opportunity to get to know the real you is because they liked what they saw on the outside.
*don't confuse this with attraction*

Anyways - back to the suits.

You might be asking yourself, "but Kyle there are so many options for suits; pin stripe, 2-button, 3-button, 3 piece, fitted, loose etc. etc. - where do I start?"

Great question. And who better to answer that question than the individual who helped bring suits back while bringing sexyback--Justin Timberlake.

Here's 2 options that will give you a look for any occassion:

The formal 3 piece fitted suit with dress shoes says:
"I'm the business -- Literally. I can handle your stocks, close a deal, lead a sermon, date a supermodel, and should the occassion require it; accept an MTV VMA."

The more casual 3 piece loose fitting suit with white tennis shoes says:
"I'm the business--BUT I know how to party. One minute I will attending a formal affair and the next I will be keeping things fresh on the dance floor."

Obviously I'm a little biased towards 3-piece suits. And let's be honest the white tennis shoes? Well, they're freaking awesome.

Just in case you haven't had enough over-the-top suit promotion, I will leave you with the ultimate musical tribute to this deserving piece of dress clothing.

Monday, January 11, 2010



-noun 1. the inward nature

Actually that definition on doesn't show up until you've scrolled down the page where you will find it sitting at #12.

I've been living back at home for several months now and have had some wonderful teaching opportunities. My students range from crazy hormonal teens @ 6:30 a.m. to mature and wise senior citizens on Sundays.

Think about stereotypes surrounding these 2 groups :

Ok, so you might not look at old people and think bad drivers or look at teens and think they are a group completely self absorbed and looking to get away with whatever they can.

But. . .

You have your own perception of these groups and many other groups. Think about these words and the judgement you pass when you hear them :


I owe my kids and my senior citizens a lot. They teach me to not see out of control teens or senile old people. They teach me to look past the exterior and to see the inward nature.

Friday, January 8, 2010


po • ten • tial

-adjective 1. possible, as opposed to actual

-noun 1. a latent excellence that may or may not be developed

It's likely that someone has said this to you at some point in your life :

"you have so much potential" - and most likely it was said to you with sincere feelings of optimism for your future undertakings.

I would suggest that this phrase is simply a polite way of saying "you are not where you need to be". In order to avoid plagiarism let me cite my mission president as the source of this fresh outlook. President Christopher Munday, recently called to the 70 made it clear to us as missionaries that the time for "potential" was over and that the time for action was NOW. Consequently, I can't help but smile when someone tells me "oh you just have such great potential".


Think about the definition of potential. Literally it means you have done NOTHING. Haha

Many of us get overly excited and perhaps a bit prideful when we hear about our great potential. We should probably keep those joyous feelings in check and instead take a more reflective approach.

What good is a 12 cylinder car that runs on only 6 cylinders or worse yet is never even turned on? It's just another piece of metal sitting in a parking lot.

So the next time you hear about your potential think of yourself as the 12 cylinder car running on only 6 or perhaps you're not even turned on.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I don't want to be potential. I don't want to grow old and still be potential. I can't let that happen.

Around New Years many people set goals some even choose a theme to live by throughout the upcoming year. I know what the theme of this year will be for me -

Potential becomes Kinetic.

This is going to be a year of action.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

ever present question.

The ever present question in my life right now is :

What career path should I take?

Luckily, I am not alone. Countless college graduates are wondering the same thing.

To pass the time and put a little money in my pocket I am now a freelance writer for Demand Studios. I just published my first article with them about the "Average Cost of Air Conditioning in America" - LAME.

Career path? WRONG.

My ideal path? Teaching.

I had begun looking into what would be required to do the alternative teaching licensing program so that I could be a high school journalism teacher.

However, I was reminded last night that a teachers salary is not nearly as impressive as my potential earnings should I return to school, get my masters degree in PR and subsequently pursue a corporate position.

Blah blah blah.

Yes - I realize that.

If I was only concerned with myself then this would be an easy decision. I could teach, live relatively cheap throughout the year and then really enjoy my nice summer breaks! Oh man - so IDEAL! But I am well aware that this is a decision that will impact my future wife and family. So I should probably factor them into the equation. I want to be able to provide a comfortable way of life. *However, do not confuse 'comfortable' with 'rich'.

My biggest fear is that I will not be able to provide my family with what they need/want and thus every day ends with me looking in the mirror and seeing failure incarnate. I would gladly choose single life over that kind of personal living hell.

So - I'm kind of stuck at the moment.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Johnny Ahn. He's one of the guys I taught/danced with during my time at Center Stage Studio back in Utah.

He is the epitome of the type of student I enjoyed working with. Johnny quickly caught the vision of bboying (yes, there is a vision, and it is magnificent!) and Johnny put in the time and effort needed to progress. In fact I can't even call Johnny a student anymore really - now he's just one of the bboys. He could show up to practice and just kick it with all of us. He's gotten significantly better over the past year and now is competing at the same battles we all go to (I guess I should use past tense for me. lame.)

Anyways, he put together a solo trailer of all the clips he videotaped of me throughout different battles I did in 2009. He did a great job throwing it all together and actually made me look like I'm pretty fresh! GroundHounds Crew!!!!!

Check it out. . . .

Thanks Johnny!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

my family.

Some of my holiday posts might lead you to believe my family is crazy.

The truth is - WE ARE!

But name a family that isn't. Every family has their own issues to deal with. That's life! As for the Aldous family, I do not always like some of the things that are done around here by certain individuals. Those crazy acts will never change the fact that I love my family, ALOT. And so to start this new year off I've decided to do a little tribute post to the ones I love. . . .

You are an enduring example of what a good husband and father is. You make the gospel a priority and it shows in everything you do. If somehow I can even come close to measuring up to the standard you have set then I will count myself blessed beyond anything I could possibly deserve.

I've never questioned your love. It has been there through all of my craziness and it is that love that has gotten me through some of my hardest times. You have taught me well (even though I know I haven't always acted in accordance with those teachings - haha). You run around daily trying to make sure we are happy - your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.

I'm the oldest, but at times I feel like you're the most mature of the kids. Haha.
No, but seriously.
Because of that, I feel like I have looked up to you for years now. You've always been so disciplined and able to succeed. You are going to seriously be a supermom! In fact I might just come live in the basement and have you guys take care of me. j/k
Or am I? haha

You somehow snuck your red haired genes into this family- haha. Anyways, I've learned to look past it. The thing I admire most about you is your drive (not in golf - even though it is better then mine.... for now) You know what you want and you just go out and take it. Your drive shows in your high level of competitiveness. Never settling for anything less than winning (except when playing me, when of course defeat is inevitable, haha) I couldn't have asked for a better brother in law.

Oh man, I can remember how we fought like crazy growing up about the dumbest things. You are one of my best friends now. You have this great knack for making things happen - even when everything seems to be working against you. You always pull through and always will. (I'm counting on you perfecting this whole handicapping thing so I can ride those plays to the bank, haha)

What else is there to say besides the fact that you are successful at pretty much everything you touch. A true perfectionist. I love it and have always admired your ability to seemingly do EVERYTHING.

You do not accept NO for an answer. I have seen this work against you at times - haha - but this trait will pay off huge in the future when you really learn to put it to good use. I look at you and see tremendous potential to be successful in the whatever endeavor you decide to pursue.

You've got a good heart and do a great job of getting us all together to do things. You have more to offer then you realize right now and I really hope you begin to see your true value. You will be so successful when you begin to catch a glimpse of the many talents and qualities you have.

I have a crazy family, but I love them and when push comes to shove I would do anything for any of them.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

hello 2010.

Holiday handicapping has ended - the results are in :

Kory and Karlie are still together.
Josh and Kourtney are still together
Kyle and Leah are NOW together : )
There were a couple fights.
Historical sites were visited.
Christmas cookies got some inappropriate decorations.

I struck out on 2 of my plays though :

No foil dinners were made. Lame. (Mostly because the firepit in the back is under alot of snow.
Police were never called. (It's probably better this never happened)

So I went 6 for 8. Not bad. A successful sports handicapper needs to average 65%. I pulled a 75% average, so I'm feeling good.

While riding high on my 75% - I am going to make 3 picks for 2010. . . . . .

An Aldous gets married (5*)
This is money in the bank. Kourtney? Kory? Me?
All 3 of us had friends come to visit over the Christmas break so it could be any or all of us but-
I've got a good feeling that this is gonna be my year....

I get a job (5*)
I'm exercising some serious faith here. Haha. It's gotta happen, right?

The Aldous plantation experiences it's greatest harvest yet (5*)
Good grief, I feel like I'm talking about the pilgrims when I describe the possibilities of a bounteous harvest. Haha. Dad got some books about "cloning" and "breeding" plants so if science wins out this year then we could see some serious fruits and vegetables in the fall.

Ok, those are my 3 big picks for the upcoming year. Feeling positive on all 3. I'm sure different things will come up throughout the year that I might add to this list, so keep an eye out for any potential handicapping to come.