Sunday, June 28, 2009


"Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater"
(Roman Polanksi)

I LOVE watching movies. For about 90-120 minutes you can leave everything behind and lose yourself in another world. Those worlds are sometimes funny, filled with action, somber and sometimes they're animated....

my favorite part? those worlds are not this world I currently exist in.

do I like the world I live in? of course.
do I think it's healthy to live your life through movies? of course not.

But I love having an opportunity to experience something different.

I have a friend, Morgan Grice, from back in Texas. Clear Creek High School. Her most recent job; a film critic for Bloomberg News. Lucky. (She no longer works for them, but luckily continues to blog about the movies she watches-- I kinda blogstalk you Morgan. Haha)

My latest film?

I just watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian last night for the first time. I enjoyed it although it seems that if I start a movie past 10:00 p.m. I'm going to fall asleep at some point. So let me rephrase my previous comment; I enjoyed the parts I saw of it.

Hhhmm... what should I watch today?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

here's what you missed.

I'm back.

i haven't written since 17 May. Here's what you missed;

*Got a tan ( thanks to the 3 hour break I have in-between SchoolTipline & SecurityOne)
*Saw terminator salvation
*Wrote an article for the Journal of School Safety (hopefully it gets published)
*Bought a ring (yes, an engagement one!)
*Went to CA - went to the beach, a photography museum and watched the sunrise over LA
*Got engaged
*Drove with Kristin and all her belongings from CA to UT
*Got back into practicing regularly and have been workin on a couple new things
*Started teaching again at Center Stage
*Decided to see what all the fuss was about and began watching Season 1 of The Office
*Was in a battle over at Ozz (lost to Munk in a tie-breaker)
*Got back into Photoshop
*Spent a lot of time with the crew
*Did the long distance relationship thing
*Saw the hangover (ridiculously funny movie, although quite crude at times)
*Got SchoolTipline back in the news ( )
*Realized I should probably start working out again
*Lost my tan (thanks to almost 3 weeks of rain and clouds)
*Went to the temple
*Talked with my Uncle Jeff about doing PR for his company Millenial Elite
*Mulled over the idea of starting my own PR company
*Grew a moustache (yeah I didn't know it was possible either)
*Had dinner with Tyson several nights mulling over our lives and their current directions
*Found out the Journal of School Safety will be publishing my article in the Fall edition!!!!!!!
*Lost contact with the civilized world (ok, not entirely true, my phone just broke)
*Got unengaged
*Cried again
*Had some awkward "I'm no longer getting married" moments w/ friends asking about wed stuff
*Finished The Office Season 2 ( I see what all the fuss is about, great show)
*Began to redate the woman I was going to marry
*Sat and wondered about my potential and what will happen with my life
*Worried that I may never be married
*Shaved the moustache ( I was starting to feel like I was eating hairs at meal time)

and now at this very moment....

I'm here at SchoolTipline taking a break from transferring school information to a GoogleDoc from the database.